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We are able to repair your boiler and provide expert service from gas safe engineers. We will provide a free quote and let you know the scope of the work required and the cost.

While a broken boiler might come as a bit of a shock and you will want to repair it as soon as possible, you may wish to consider a new installation. There are many benefits to new installations and in the end you might end up saving money.

Here are a five reasons to consider a new boiler installation:


New boilers are more efficient than older model boilers. Condensing boilers are the most efficient available as they convert more of the fuel used into useful heat. There is a high chance your old standard boiler is not doing this, meaning its costing more to run.

Peace of mind

Modern high-efficiency boilers are safer than older model boilers.


Over time an ageing boiler will become less reliable.

Household Space

Most modern boilers take up less space, meaning more space for storage and kept out of site.

Energy Performance Certificates

EPCs are now a part of the Home Information Pack. A boiler can also add value to your house.